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About Me.

Hello, I’m Lewis Ainsworth, a third-year undergraduate student studying CAD at the University of Winchester. From an early age I was always drawn to the way architects lay out their plans as if their design is telling a story, right from the creation of the design to the last brick placed in mortar. Each building has a creator, a designer, an architect behind each design decision which made me aspire to be that same person...an architect. Although, after completing several work placements in animation companies such as Fall Off The Wall (FOTW), I applied for animation courses post A-levels since I believed this was better. However, after realising through the university open days that this was not for me, I fortunately had the offer from UoW to study 3D visualisation which was incredibly interesting and is still within the topic of design, but I felt as if this course still wasn’t right for me. After speaking to my lecturers and peers, I later transferred to CAD which reignited my passion and aspiration to become an architect once again.

My ambitions post university is to transition from a part-time to a full-time role as a Wickes Kitchen & Bathroom Design Consultant. Whilst gaining experience in kitchen & bathroom designs, I aim to apply for architectural apprenticeships and network with architects around the Hampshire area in the hopes of attaining invaluable work-experience, knowledge or advice in pursuing an architectural qualification post university.